Tuesday, 30 August 2011

From fat to shapely

Whether you’re a babe or a guy, you have to face it: J Lo is hot, hot, hot! And
the biggest thing all men are crazy about in her is that round and shapely butt.
And while men go bananas over J Lo pics, women swallow their envy and start
looking for ways to acquire the same shapely ass and hot looks. I’m willing to
bet that gyms managers got more business from ladies envious of the Latin
American diva than from any professional advice about a healthier lifestyle. It
seems that negative feelings are better at driving people to improve themselves
than the much-vaunted self help books.
So, if you want to have that ass every man is dreaming about, then your answer
is a lot of walking and exercises that put the strain on the same muscles
walking does. This means that you should walk whenever you have the chance. Go
to the mall or to work on foot, if it’s not too far and if the neighborhood is
safe. Tuck an iPod in your belt and start jogging through the park every
morning. If your job won’t allow you the luxury of jogging every morning, then
go to the gym in the evenings and use the treadmills. A lot. This will get you a
pair of legs to die for and the shapely ass you wanted all along.
Of course, exercising is useless if you eat more than you burn day in and day
out. And you know the answer to this problem, don’t you? So search the Internet
a bit. These days you can hardly run a search without dredging up a hundred
websites dedicated to recipes, diets and all manner of healthy living advices.
There’s literally thousands of diets to choose from. The only things you need
are discrimination in choosing the sound ones and the will to stick to them.
This combination of dieting and exercising will make your bottom look so good,
that men will practically drool wherever you go. We don’t know if that’s good or
bad, but it will certainly be fun for you.
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