Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Exercising – why you should take the trouble to do it

Exercising is a bore for many people. Although workout fans like to claim that
others are simply too lazy or too spoiled by the modern sedentary lifestyle to
exercise on a regular basis, this is not always the case. Some people have far
too busy daily schedules to squeeze in another time and effort consuming
activity. Not to mention that a significant number of people find the endless
repetition of the same movements more than a little boring. Truth is exercising
can only be considered fun by people who love such things, while other manage to
focus their entire attention on results and ignore the boring routine. If you
are unable to love or ignore the boring part, then you probably find exercising
a burden.
However, this attitude is not very good for your health. You may have a highly
paid job that takes away all your waking hours and you may think that you can
tank it until you’re in the forties and can afford to lay back and relax. But
this nice scheme doesn’t always work out the way it’s supposed to. By the time
you reach the forties you may not be in a position to lay back and relax and
your health may not be in top shape precisely because of neglected exercising.
Simple things like 30 minutes of jogging or aerobics per day can go a long way
toward reaching old age with a sound heart and a better shape than most.
I know that people are impressed by wealth, but money can’t buy your youthful
health back, not to mention the fact that they are also useless when it comes to
love. Or so other people say. If your busy lifestyle had brought you high blood
pressure and high cholesterol, then money is not going to solve these problems.
But just a little exercising everyday could make the difference in your old age.
It should also keep you from acquiring a spare tire around your waist. More
importantly, if you want that successful young exec look, then you simply have
to stay in shape. You can’t afford to look soft and flabby.
So it can be boring and time consuming and doesn’t always help you relax in any
way, but it does help your body cope with pressure and it does help your
endurance at all levels. Most of the members of the opposite sex will also find
a fine shape more attractive that a fat wallet, especially if you’re looking for
short-term relationships where long-term financial power is less relevant. So
stop crowding your schedule with so many tasks every day and make room for a
little exercising now and then.
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