Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Exercising – why you should take the trouble to do it

Exercising is a bore for many people. Although workout fans like to claim that
others are simply too lazy or too spoiled by the modern sedentary lifestyle to
exercise on a regular basis, this is not always the case. Some people have far
too busy daily schedules to squeeze in another time and effort consuming
activity. Not to mention that a significant number of people find the endless
repetition of the same movements more than a little boring. Truth is exercising
can only be considered fun by people who love such things, while other manage to
focus their entire attention on results and ignore the boring routine. If you
are unable to love or ignore the boring part, then you probably find exercising
a burden.
However, this attitude is not very good for your health. You may have a highly
paid job that takes away all your waking hours and you may think that you can
tank it until you’re in the forties and can afford to lay back and relax. But
this nice scheme doesn’t always work out the way it’s supposed to. By the time
you reach the forties you may not be in a position to lay back and relax and
your health may not be in top shape precisely because of neglected exercising.
Simple things like 30 minutes of jogging or aerobics per day can go a long way
toward reaching old age with a sound heart and a better shape than most.
I know that people are impressed by wealth, but money can’t buy your youthful
health back, not to mention the fact that they are also useless when it comes to
love. Or so other people say. If your busy lifestyle had brought you high blood
pressure and high cholesterol, then money is not going to solve these problems.
But just a little exercising everyday could make the difference in your old age.
It should also keep you from acquiring a spare tire around your waist. More
importantly, if you want that successful young exec look, then you simply have
to stay in shape. You can’t afford to look soft and flabby.
So it can be boring and time consuming and doesn’t always help you relax in any
way, but it does help your body cope with pressure and it does help your
endurance at all levels. Most of the members of the opposite sex will also find
a fine shape more attractive that a fat wallet, especially if you’re looking for
short-term relationships where long-term financial power is less relevant. So
stop crowding your schedule with so many tasks every day and make room for a
little exercising now and then.
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

From fat to shapely

Whether you’re a babe or a guy, you have to face it: J Lo is hot, hot, hot! And
the biggest thing all men are crazy about in her is that round and shapely butt.
And while men go bananas over J Lo pics, women swallow their envy and start
looking for ways to acquire the same shapely ass and hot looks. I’m willing to
bet that gyms managers got more business from ladies envious of the Latin
American diva than from any professional advice about a healthier lifestyle. It
seems that negative feelings are better at driving people to improve themselves
than the much-vaunted self help books.
So, if you want to have that ass every man is dreaming about, then your answer
is a lot of walking and exercises that put the strain on the same muscles
walking does. This means that you should walk whenever you have the chance. Go
to the mall or to work on foot, if it’s not too far and if the neighborhood is
safe. Tuck an iPod in your belt and start jogging through the park every
morning. If your job won’t allow you the luxury of jogging every morning, then
go to the gym in the evenings and use the treadmills. A lot. This will get you a
pair of legs to die for and the shapely ass you wanted all along.
Of course, exercising is useless if you eat more than you burn day in and day
out. And you know the answer to this problem, don’t you? So search the Internet
a bit. These days you can hardly run a search without dredging up a hundred
websites dedicated to recipes, diets and all manner of healthy living advices.
There’s literally thousands of diets to choose from. The only things you need
are discrimination in choosing the sound ones and the will to stick to them.
This combination of dieting and exercising will make your bottom look so good,
that men will practically drool wherever you go. We don’t know if that’s good or
bad, but it will certainly be fun for you.
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Saturday, 27 August 2011

How to avoid becoming a fitness failure

Few things are worse than trying to get your body into shape and failing. It
takes quite some courage to start on a fitness program and it takes willpower to
stick to it and avoid ditching it a couple of days later. Unfortunately, more
than half of the people who decide to take up a fitness program do so on a whim
and drop out within the first six months. Boredom, busy schedules and a feeling
of being fit enough to no longer need the exercising combine to convince people
that exercises are not worth the effort and striving.
The first thing you want to do in order to avoid being a complete failure is to
set a goal for yourself. If you want to be thinner, then decide on a number of
pounds you want to shed. If you want to be able to run around the park without
spitting your lungs on the sidewalk, then train accordingly. But whatever you
do, set a clear goal so you don’t have to guess whether you’re making progress
or not. Also, make sure your goal is realistic. Dropping 1 pound per week
through a combination of reduced intake of calories and increased physical
effort is a realistic goal. Shedding 50 pounds in two months is not just a
dream, but the attempt may also prove dangerous for your health.
After deciding upon a goal, always make sure you’re keeping track of your
progress. This will help keep you motivated because you will always have the
visible proof of your success at whatever it is you’re doing. But bear in mind
that tracking should also be done carefully. If you’re going for weight loss,
don’t give in to the temptation to weigh yourself every day. Body weight
fluctuates naturally from one day to the other and depends on many factors. It’s
much too easy to be discouraged and abandon the program just because two extra
glasses of water have messed up your weight.
Keep your fitness schedule as varied as possible. Exercises are great for your
health, but only hardcore bodybuilders are never bored by them. Doing the same
thing over and over becomes tedious sooner or later so make sure you mix your
exercises and change the order every week or whenever you feel boredom starting
to move in. Don’t let yourself get to the point where you say “Damn that
exercise! I’m not going to do it again as long as I live!”. If you can’t come up
with a good plan, ask a gym trainer or a veteran to help you out.
The final advice is to share the joys and problems of fitness with somebody.
Find a friend who also goes to the gym and start going together. You can help
each other achieve your goals and swap stories about successes and failures in
between reps. A workout partner will make things look easier with a positive
attitude and you can do the same thing for him or her. Oh, and don’t allow
yourself to come up with excuses for avoiding the gym. Cheap tricks like that
are never any good.
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Friday, 26 August 2011

Planning Your Diet

We have plans for everything these days. That is how we can fit 100 different
things into each day. While to an extent this seems a bit over doing it, some
things do need to be planned. I don't know why we don't plan our diets. I mean,
we plan everything else. Some people even plan on when they will have sex.
Hence, the birth of hump day. Why not spend a few minutes and plan out what you
will eat? If you are reading this, you have the time so. So sit back and follow
these seven easy steps. Don't blink, if you do it will be over. It is really
that simple.
1. Mini meals are great.
They tell people with certain disease that they should eat several small meals
each day. They say that a person should eat something every two hours. Well,
that isn't too impossible to do. I would suggest that you start out every four
hours. Keep it like you normally would any of your other meals. Make sure you
have your protein and your fiber. Have some veggies and some fruit to balance
everything out. Don't make your mini meal a bucket of fried chicken. I know that
since it is a mini meal, the temptation doesn't seem as great. I mean, if you
only slip up in a mini meal, who is watching?
These are a great way to avoid hunger and improper snacking throughout the day.
Just make your mini meals up and eat them every time that you have planned. If
you plan on eating every two hours, every two hours it is. It doesn't take a
road map to figure this out.
2. Don't go over board.
This is easier said than done. You need to have a specific amount that you are
trying to reduce. If you are trying to reduce your meals by 10%, then you should
stick to that. I'm not suggesting that you break out the calculator and count up
every meal that you have. If you have been on a diet for very long, you already
have a good idea how many calories things have. Don't eat with your eyes, eat
with your mind. That will help you cut down on the amount of food that you eat.
3. Eat good tasting food.
From time to time let yourself go. Eat something that you know you shouldn't. If
you get it out of your system, it will be easier to maintain your diet. If on
the other hand you don't allow yourself to eat things you shouldn't from time to
time, all you will do is hurt yourself in the long run. You are going to nibble
each day on those things instead of just eating them occasionally.
4. Eat your calories, don't drink them.
Don't fill up on sodas and other drinks. You can get all your calories for one
day in these if you do it too much. A few sodas here. A few cups of hot
chocolate there. A few beers here. You get the point. That will put on the
pounds easily.
5. Exercise.
You need to do this to keep fit. Not only will it keep you fit, but it will keep
you mentally sharp as well. That can go a long way in helping you stick to a
diet. If you are depressed, chances are you will end up eating fatty foods that
will make you fat. When you consume all of that fat, it will make you more
depressed. It is a bad cycle to start.
6. Make your meals last.
Chew your damn food son! I bet you heard that one as a kid. Well, it is true.
Don't swallow your food. Instead, eat it slowly and enjoy the taste of it. If
you do this, it will make you feel like you have actually ate something. If you
swallow it down, you won't get the same benefit. You will continue to feel a
7. Discover your food triggers.
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Power Drinks

We all see ads for power drinks and energy bars. How many times have you seen a
coach get some Gatoraide poured over his head? I've seen it so many times it
makes me sick. I don't even watch football that often! So, should you consume
such things? It depends on who you are really. That is what will tell you the
answer. The types of things that you like to do. Are you the average Joe? You
want to eat healthy so you feel great and look great. You don't work out often
or at all. You go on walks at night time with your woman. Some of that might be
for the exercise and some of it might be so you have an excuse to get in the
shower with her when you get home.
Do you need power drinks and energy bars? No. I'm not sure if that is surprising
or not. I used to work at a gas station many years ago. I used to see people
getting these drinks all the time. Most of them were fat guys who were also
getting a hot dog to eat while they nuke their hamburger. We all know about some
of those second rate food items at the gas station.
I'd say that 95% percent of people buying these drinks were men who were
overweight. I'm not sure why that is really. I think it has something to do with
them seeing sports stars drink it on television. Certainly, they aren't drinking
it to loose weight or to be more active. I'd say the same is true if you want to
eat the energy bars. I mean, if you aren't going to use them for energy to work
out with, it is all a waste. You should spend the money on more important
Why do fat guys eat this stuff? Ahhh, the power of marketing. I really think
that is all that it boils down to. They respond to the marketing that they see.
They see people that they look up to eating and drinking these things, so they
feel if they consume them they will be just like their favorite sports hero.
Now, if on the other hand you do work out, these can be a great tool for you
use. Did you know that you shouldn't eat for up to two hours before you work
out? Did you know that it takes at least 30 minutes to one hour for a snack to
digest? This is where the energy bars come in handy. They are something small
that your body can digest and you won't even notice your body doing any of the
work. Eat one an hour before you go into the gym. You will notice how you don't
get hungry while you are working out.
For about every half hour you plan on working out, drink about 16 oz of sports
drink. That is a good rule of thumb. It takes about 40 minutes to absorb this,
so drink it before you work out. If you are the average Joe who doesn't work out
but use these for energy, let me tell you something. You are wasting your money.
That is all that you are doing. You aren't getting any real benefit from these
things. Sure you might be getting some energy here and there, but it is all a
waste of money. You can gain the same amount of energy with a good diet. Take
all of that money you are spending on this stuff and put it to good use. Save it
up for a month and take your woman out to eat or some place fun. You will get
more out of it that way than if you spent it on this junk.
Why am I talking about these things in such a negative manner? Because I hate to
see people fall to the hype of marketing. That is why. You don't need this
stuff. You need this stuff as much as you need a star named after you. Did you
know that you can name a star after yourself for 40 dollars? You will never get
to go there or even get a piece of the rock that makes it, but you can have it
named after you. It is all a waste of money. Give that money to some charity
that feeds the needy. They need the food more than you need an energy bar. I
mean, why do you really need the energy anyway? Because you have filled up on
sweets and burnt yourself out?
Instead you should focus on a healthy diet. That includes snacks of fresh fruit
and veggies. That will give you energy and won't rob your wallet. Make sure that
you are eating right and you are getting enough rest at night. There is no need
to waste money on snake oil.
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Prevent heart disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in both men and women around
the world. While many people fret about cancer or Alzheimer, hundreds of
thousands of men and women around the world die of heart disease before they get
to the age when Alzheimer becomes a problem. Living in today’s world, one cannot
help but hear stories of high blood pressure, heart attacks and other such
problems related to the cardio-vascular system. However, these stories are so
common that we no longer take them as seriously as we should and end up
suffering from the diseases that we ignored.
Smoking is bad for you; everybody knows that. Actually, smoking is high on the
list of lifestyle choice that you should avoid if you value your health and,
ultimately, your life. Among other bad things, smoking is the leading cause for
high blood pressure and its consequences: strokes, heart attacks, heart failure,
damage to the eyes and kidney failure. If you think that smoking helps ease
stress, then try and avoid things that stress you. We all have to make ends
meet, but deliberately adding a health risk to your problems is not the answer.
Drinking is yet another way of getting yourself in heart troubles. And I don’t
mean the romantic kind of heart troubles, although drinking has done this for
some people. I mean the kind of heart troubles that get you a resting place six
feet under ahead of the time. The excess consumption of alcohol raises blood
pressure and brings the same unpleasant consequences described above. And we’re
not talking liver damage yet. A glass of wine once in a while is not a bad idea.
A couple of glasses of gin or whiskey each day are a really bad idea. Not
And the third thing that you can do for yourself in order to stay healthy and
avoid a while bunch of trips to the hospital is to follow a healthy diet and to
exercise a couple of days every week. A healthy diet does not mean that you have
to give up all the foods that you love, but simply to eat in moderation and to
replace fast food and snacks with fruit and vegetables. There are healthy
alternatives to nearly everything. And exercising doesn’t necessarily mean
pumping iron at the gym. Walking or thirty minutes of aerobic exercises every
other day can make a huge difference later on.
It really doesn’t take that much to lead a healthy life and get rid of bad
lifestyle choices, especially since you’re doing this for your own good. Think
again before lighting another cigarette, drinking another glass of alcohol or
reaching out for a bag of snacks. We are living in a culture that makes instant
gratification very easy, but having to spend years worrying about your blood
pressure later on is simply not worth it.
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Stress Your Life

We've long known that middle-aged men are much more likely than women to have
high blood pressure--about 36 percent of men versus 23 percent of women between
the ages of 45 and 54. And, since high blood pressure can lead to stroke, it's
not surprising that many more men die over from these "brain attacks”. The
explanation for this difference between the sexes has been lifestyle. Men are
more likely to smoke, be overweight, drink alcohol, and avoid exercise--all risk
factors for high blood pressure. Undoubtedly, poor health habits account for
much of the difference.
Traffic Jam Anxiety
In this day and age, the average person spends a significantly large amount of
time in his car. And with the ever-increasing number of cars on the road, we
spend an even larger amount of time stuck in traffic jams. However, you can
follow these tips to spend less time stressing out while stranded in the middle
of a highway. By getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning every day, you can
reduce the pressure by avoiding the morning rush hour. Another tip is to stick
to the right lane on the freeway. The minute or two gained by aggressive driving
isn't worth the stress.
Work Place Worries
Now that you have arrived at work early and in a relaxed mood, take the time to
review long-term plans because stress lies in the moment-by-moment pressures. If
you feel the stress piling up during your workday, breathe in and out four times
very slowly to clear your mind. During lunchtime, it is important to get away
from the office and exercise. Make it a goal to walk around during your break or
even follow a simple and short workout routine. Exercise release endorphins into
your blood stream, which are pleasure inducing chemicals that are also
discharged during sex.
Be Positive
Stress is also related to the past. Keep in mind that mistakes happen, and the
only thing that you can change about the past is your attitude towards it.
Another thing that can keep your stress level low is to keep smiling. Even a
superficial smile is a great start towards a happy day according to research.
Having regular sex is also helpful in keeping happy.
It is also important to set some time aside to indulge yourself. Whether it be
taking a nap, or allowing yourself an occasional piece of cake, spending time on
yourself can make you feel great and happy.
However, it is crucial not to eat for relief all the time. Eating is a relief
for stress, and stress can be a result of over-eating. So, be very careful not
to start this vicious cycle. While taking the time out for yourself can be
beneficial, doing things for others can also improve your life. Volunteering for
others pushes your own troubles away, and can give you a greater perspective on
life. Finally, and most importantly, setting time aside for your friends and
family can be a great way to feel great. There is no better thing than being
with loved ones and enjoying activities with them. Also, keep all the things in
your life in perspective.
Try to follow all these tips for better mental and physical health. This is a
great guide for a happier, healthier, and longer life.
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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Abs Diet

Going through diet after diet, sooner or later everybody ends up thinking that
there’s nothing more to learn. Frankly, it doesn’t take long to get exhaustive
hands on experience with just about all the major dieting concepts and to learn
in which way each of them is supposed to influence the body. And once you’re
familiar with all the pros and cons of dieting, it’s only fair to think that
nothing could surprise you anymore. Well, this is where the Abs Diet comes in
with a rather strange take on the old concept of losing weight through
exercises. And, no, there are no magic pills to swallow.
The basic idea is much simpler than that. It goes something like this: the body
has to expend energy in order to keep the muscles and internal organs alive and
in shape. This means that every addition to the muscle mass will force the body
to spend more energy. Therefore, instead of lowering the daily food intake in
order to lose weight, this diet focuses on increasing the “energy bill” above
the normal level. The extra muscle mass is supposed to absorb all the calories
that would otherwise be stored as fat and also force the body to burn existing
fat in order to keep up with the effort.
Every 1 pound of muscle added to the body costs the body 50 calories per day on
top of everything else. It’s pretty easy to see that 10 pounds of muscle are
going to keep busy 500 calories of your daily intake every single day. This is
enough to make you lose 1 pound per week, which is not bad at all. It’s
interesting to notice that the diet is based on achieving a snowball effect: the
more you exercise, the more muscle you put on; the more muscle you put on, the
faster you lose weight, which allows you to exercise harder and lose even more
weight. Once you get the snowball rolling it will turn into an avalanche on its
The food users are allowed to eat consists of 12 nutrient-rich power foods.
These are supposed to provide all the minerals, vitamins and fiber your body
needs to stay healthy over the six weeks of dieting. The 12 foods are: beans and
peas, spinach and a couple of other green vegetables, almonds, instant hot oat
cereal, wholegrain breads and cereals, berries, eggs, low-fat dairy products,
lean meats (such as turkey), peanut butter, olive oil and protein powder. All
other foods are to be shunned during the diet.
Sticking to this diet might seem a little hard, especially for as long as six
weeks. However, the mandatory exercises should make a big difference. Not only
that you lose weight, but you also get to show off a nice set of abs and a far
better toned body than before. One extra thing on your side is that part of the
fat will be replaced by muscle, so even if it seems that you’re not losing much
weight, you’re actually shifting weight from fat to muscle. Nevertheless, you
can expect to get rid of up to 12 pounds in the first two weeks of dieting.
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The Atkins Diet

Can you say hype? If you’re living in any Western world country then you’ve
probably heard of the famous Atkins diet.
The Atkins diet has been for a while the most hyped eating plan
around and millions of people have tried it at some point or another. This is no
exaggeration. It was estimated that more than 3 million people in the United
Kingdom alone have tried the Atkins diet at the peak of the hype in 2003.
The basic idea behind this diet is that cutting down on the carbohydrates, while
allowing people to eat high-fat food is going to work. One of the best things in
favor of the Atkins diet was the fact that it allowed people to eat eggs and
cheese and steaks. It sounds like a dream diet actually. Who’d pass up the
chance of losing weight while still enjoying a good eggs and ham breakfast?
Well, the downside is that you get no bread or salad with that steak. None
whatsoever. Which becomes a real problem after a week or so.
How much meat can you eat without touching any vegetables at all?
Anyway, the theory is that cutting out the carbohydrates will force your body to
use the stored fat in order to obtain the energy needed through the day. This
means that you get to eat no bread and pastries, potatoes, pasta, milk, rice,
fruit, vegetables (well, there are a couple you can still eat) and, obviously,
no junk food or soft drinks. On the other hand, you are allowed to eat red meat,
fish, chicken, cheese, mayonnaise, cream, butter and eggs. This is going to be
your only food for the first two weeks, which are called the Induction Phase.
The second phase of the diet is called Ongoing Weight Loss and it lets you
increase the intake of carbohydrates by 5 grams per day, starting from the basic
20 grams per day stipulated by the Induction Phase. The user must find how far
the amount of carbohydrates can be increased before the body is unable to lose
between 1 and 3 pounds per week. This is called the Critical Carbohydrate Level
for Losing Weight and this is where the amount of carbs stops growing. This
phase is supposed to last until you almost reach the desired weight.
With 5 to 10 pounds left to shed it’s time to enter the third stage of the diet.
This one is called Pre-Maintenance and it’s supposed to increase the carbs
intake by 10 grams a day in order to slow down the weight loss process. Welcome
to the world of 30 grams of pasta per day. The final phase is called Lifetime
Maintenance and a lifetime of eating around 90 grams of carbs per day for the
rest of your life. Moving from 250 grams or more to less than 100 grams and for
the rest of your life could be quite a challenge for many people.
The side effects of the Atkins diet depend on the user. Some people did fine on
this diet, some got infections of the kidneys from the high-protein content or
heart problems from all the fat food they ate. Dizziness and general weakness
are also to be expected as the body goes into starvation mode when denied
carbohydrates. With high-fiber fruit and vegetables out of the way you can also
expect constipation to become a problem. Also, the lack of many dairy products
leads to a significant drop in the amount of calcium absorbed by the body and
may cause osteoporosis or other bone conditions later on.
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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Body Clock Diet

All diets are based on an idea that’s supposed to make them different. Aside
from the basic “eat this and don’t eat that”, diets have to have an original
twist in order to be noticed by the general public. Standing out in the crowded
field of the modern dieting industry can sometimes make the difference between
success and failure and even a good idea needs to be promoted. The same can be
said about the Body Clock Diet, which is one of the diets that try to look
beyond food in order to link the eating process with the greater picture of body processes.

The basic idea is that aside from being careful about what you eat, you should
also be careful about the timing of meals in order to fit in with the natural
rhythm of your body. The body has its own internal clock that regulates the
metabolism, appetite, sleep and energy levels. This diet focuses on eating the
right kind of food while observing the internal clock. It is important to eat
regularly and getting the right balance of nutrients with each meal since this
lets the body turn the feeling of hunger on and off naturally.

There is, of course, a two-week eating plan that you must follow in order to
lose weight. Staying true to the body rhythms, each day features three meals and
two snacks that are rich in vegetables and fruits. The eating plan follows a
general protein-rich, low-fat pattern, which is nothing new. The best part of
the diet, however, is tying everything in with the rest of the body. For
instance, the author argues that eating grains and cereals should be done in the
morning in order to match the effect of insulin on the brain, while dinner
should consist of a light blend low glycemic cabs and lean protein.

According to estimates, this diet should allow you to lose up to two pounds per
week, which is the average weight loss rate. The book explaining this diet comes
with recipes and general eating advice and a comprehensive and no-nonsense
explanation of how the body works, what impact the daily rhythm has on weight
and how to work with the body instead of against it. This is a good eating plan
that doesn’t come with any strange ideas about magic ingredients that can make
anybody lose weight in a flash.
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Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Ahh, the famous Cabbage Soup diet. Most people interested in dieting have
certainly heard of this one. many of them have actually tried some version of
it. Since nobody has ever claimed to be the inventor of this diet, there is no
definitive cabbage soup diet, but rather a string of versions floating around
magazines and the Internet. Every expert who tried to promote this diet has
either added or replaced an existing feature, which means that aside from that
cabbage soup you can expect to see a wide range of other foods, although nothing
The biggest problem with the cabbage soup diet is all the hype that surrounds
it. Some people claim that cabbage has fat burning properties, which is
nonsense. Others say that one could shed a whooping 10 pounds in a single week
on this diet, which is not true. There’s no magical ingredient in cabbage that
helps weight loss. The basic idea behind the diet is to starve yourself by
drinking a lot of cabbage soup and some water on the side. The trick is to keep
your stomach filled with cabbage soup in order to keep hunger away while the
body burns fat to maintain itself.
The early version cabbage soup diet featured nothing else than the basic soup.
Recent versions have added fruit, vegetables, skimmed milk, lean meat or brown
rice to the eating plan in order to help people stick to it for a longer time.
Dieters are not allowed any alcohol. The only drinks allowed beside the cabbage
soup are water and unsweetened fruit juices. The soup itself is based on
cabbage, onions (or onion soup mix), tomatoes, green peppers, celery, carrots
and mushrooms. There are some variations even here, but nothing important.
Unfortunately, the cabbage soup diet is not a good idea. Many people cannot
stick to a diet that forces them to starve every day, especially people who have
to go work. Another issue is the fact that most of the weight lost through this
diet comes from water and muscle mass, instead of fat. This means that seven
days later the dieter still has all the initial fat on and a good chance of
replacing all the lost muscle mass with even more fat. Moreover, the low calorie
intake at the core of the diet will force the body to enter starvation mode and
hang on to the existing fat for its survival. This is not a good way to lose
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Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Coconut Diet

Some people are willing to sell anything and this is why some bad ideas are
actually launched on the market, much to the dismay of unsuspecting customers
who are duped by the hype and advertising. One such bad idea is the Coconut
Diet, which is yet another of those diets that add some kind of miracle
ingredient to a strict eating program and hope that everything turns out great.
The magic ingredient in this case is the coconut oil and its metabolism boosting
capacity. It seems that coconut oil can be rapidly burnt by the body, despite
the fact that it is rich in saturated fats.
This diet is in fact a regular low-carb diet, very similar to Atkins. During the
first stage of the diet, users are not allowed to eat any kind of carbohydrates
and must do with lean foods, such as eggs, nuts, cheese, fish, chicken, turkey
and up to 10 glasses of water per day. They also have to swallow 2-3 tablespoons
of coconut oil per day. The first stage lasts for three weeks, only to be
followed by an optional detox stage. This stage lasts for 4 weeks and focuses on
cleansing the liver, kidneys, gallbladder and colon through certain interesting
means (such as drinking water mixed with lemon juice and olive oil).
The third stage of the diet is the reintroduction of carbohydrates in the daily
eating plan. Starting with fruit, wholegrains and potatoes, the dieter is once
more allowed to eat carbs. It is assumed that the dieter has lost more than 10
pounds by this point and still maintaining a weight loss pace of 1-2 pounds per
week. The fourth stage of the diet means that even more carbohydrates are added
to the eating plan, while still drinking coconut oil.
Unfortunately, the person behind this diet provides no sound explanation for the
alleged positive influence of coconut oil on weight loss. While it’s true that
coconut oil helps regulate the thyroid gland, it has far too much saturated fat
to be healthy. Furthermore, it’s not very clear whether the coconut oil plays
any kind of role in this diet, since the weight loss can easily be ascribed to
the strict “no carbohydrates” eating plan. Most dieting experts and dietitians
agree that access to saturated fats should be limited during diets, so it’s
pretty strange to see one that claims the opposite.
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Monday, 8 August 2011

The Curves Diet Plan

Try as we might, we cannot be creative all the time. Not all ideas are original
enough and the harder you try, the more difficult it seems to get something
decent out of your own head. This is one of the reasons why some people simply
use something that has already been proved to work, add a little twist and try
to pass it off as a new idea. The Internet, for instance, is choke full of
websites, topics, design concepts and blogs are are nothing more than a poor
rehash of a good idea. Diets are like that, too.
This one is not particularly original, despite sustained attempts to come across
like a whole new and different idea. The theory behind the diet is that a
high-protein, low-carb diet coupled with a lot of exercising will help you build
muscle in order to keep metabolism high and burn a lot of calories. A high
metabolism allows you to lose weight faster and to make sure you stay in shape
for years, because it will be harder to put on weight in the future. Nothing new
here; it looks like a variation of the Atkins diet (or any other low-carb diet
for that matter).
The Carbohydrate-Sensitive Plan reduces the intake of carbs to 20 grams per day
for the first two weeks, increasing to 40-60 grams per day after this period.
The second plan is called the Calorie-Sensitive Plan and it focuses on limiting
carbs to 60 grams per day and calories to 1,200 for the same two weeks, moving
up to 1,600 later on. The second phase of the plan is supposed to last for five
weeks or until you’ve reached the desired weight and are preparing to return to
normal food.
The eating plan is supplemented by exercises and some recommended vitamins and minerals. However, just like in the case of the Atkins diet, most carbs are off limits for both eating plans, which leaves the user eating a lot of low-fat, high-protein foods in order to keep hunger contained. This means no bread, no pasta or wholegrains, no fruit and only a few vegetables. By sticking to this diet you can expect to drop between 6 and 10 pounds during the first two weeks and between 1 and 2 pounds per week in the second phase.
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Friday, 5 August 2011

The GI Plan diet

One of the most interesting ideas to take the dieting industry by storm is the
Glycemic Index. The index was compiled in the early 1980s at the University of
Toronto and is a ranking system for carbohydrates based on their immediate
effect on blood glucose levels. Carbohydrates that break down rapidly during
digestion and are easily converted to glucose have the highest glycemic indexes.
Those who break down slowly and gradually release glucose into the blood stream
have a low index.
The GI Plan diet is based on the idea that it is better to eat plenty of foods
with a low glycemic index because the steady and gradual release of glucose into
the blood will provide energy for a longer time while keeping the feeling of
hunger at bay. Foods with a high GI will make you feel full for a short while,
but the feeling passes fast and you find yourself reaching for something to eat
long before the next meal of the day comes around. The second part of the GI
Plan diet is to combine the original glycemic index with a ranking based on the
calorie content of each food.
Like other diets, this one is split into several phases. The initial two-week
phase is built around eating 17 points worth of food per day for women and 22
for men. The points are based on both the amount of bad carbs and calories found
in food. One of the good things about this diet is the liberty granted to users.
As long as you stick to the number of points, you can eat anything you want. The
second phase of the diet is the longer one, because this is where the shedding
happens. The number of points is raised to 20 for women and 25 for men.
The last phase of the diet begins once you’ve reached your goal and its aim is
to maintain the weight achieved. This diet encourages the consumption of
wholemeal pasta, wholegrain cereals, vegetables and fruits over white bread and
doughnuts. Users can expect to lose up to 2 pounds a week on the average,
although the first two weeks are known to cause a much more significant loss of
weight. Again, this is not unique to the GI Plan, but the normal response of the
body before the starvation mode kicks in.
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Monday, 1 August 2011

The Grapefruit Diet

 The Grapefruit Diet is one of the fad diets that were really popular back in the
1980s although it has been in one form or another since 1930. Most of the time,
the grapefruit diet has been discounted by experts as dangerously unbalanced or
simply unable to deliver on its promises. It was generally thought that
consuming vast quantities of grapefruit cannot influence weight loss in any way,
which relegated this diet to the status of yet another fad, one of those things
people go crazy about without any real reason.
The basic idea behind this diet is to eat grapefruit whenever you can, drink a
glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice with every meal, add grapefruit to
cocktails and also to salads. Grapefruit is supposed to go well with the lean
meat from crab and chicken and with vegetables, such as red onions, spinach and
celery. The biggest advantage is, of course, the fact that grapefruit is
virtually fat-free and has few calories. An entire grapefruit has about 70
calories, which means that you can eat about as much as you can stomach and
still lose weight.
The best thing about the Grapefruit Diet is a recent study carried out by a team
of scientists led by Doctor Ken Fujioka, from the Nutrition and Metabolic
Research Center of the Scripps Clinic in San Diego. The study has found that,
contrary to the opinions voiced by experts in the 1980s, adding grapefruit and
grapefruit juice to your diet can actually help you lose weight. And what’s
really great about it: you don’t have to change your eating habits at all.
Naturally, eating less fat and sweets and doing some exercises is a very good
way of speeding up the weight loss process, but you don’t have to go out of your
way with this diet.
According to the study, eating half a grapefruit before each meal and exercising
a bit every day helped a group of obese people drop an average 3.6 pounds in 12
weeks without any change in their eating habits whatsoever. A second group had
to drink a glass of grapefruit juice before every meal and lost 3.3 pounds in
the same 12 weeks. While it’s true that losing 1 pound per month gives a whole
new meaning to the phrase “slow diet”, you have to appreciate a diet that lets
you eat whatever you like and still shed a pound per month. If weight loss is
not a stringent affair, then you can stick to this diet for a long time and reap
the benefits.
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