Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Binge Eating

All of this time we have talked about what to eat and what not to eat. Though,
that is only part of the solution to a good diet. There is something that we
also need to talk about. What we haven't talked about is eating habits. When you
should and shouldn't eat. That is as important as what you eat. Why is it
important? It is important because you don't want to binge eat. You don't want
to eat a whole bunch of food at one time. This isn't good for you. Does this
sound like you? You skip breakfast because you are running late for work. You
have a bunch of work that has been piling up, so you skip lunch. Instead you
have a cup of coffee and some snack crackers. You go home and you eat enough for
three meals. You are so hungry you could eat a live pig. You eat so much that
you don't think you will be able to walk for a week. You go watch some
television and you fall asleep while watching it.

Is this the same as eating three good meals each day? Eating one meal that is
the same amount of food as three? No it isn't. It isn't because of the way that
the body digests the food. All day long you have starved your body of what it
needs, it can't handle everything at once. All you are doing is over loading
your body. The real risk of bingeing is this. You will end up eating things that
you shouldn't be eating. You will end up eating a ton of fast food or other food
that is high and fat and easy to obtain. Why is this?

This is because you are so hungry, you have to eat something now. This tends to
be whatever you can get your hands on. Generally, it will be something that
isn't good for you. This is why it is important that you eat all three of your
meals. You can snack in between those meals too. You want to make sure though
that your snacks are healthy ones. Did you know that most doctors say that
snacking is good for you? It gives you some energy when you are feeling like you
are running on empty.

The key thing to remember is to eat healthy snacks. Eat things that make your
feel good, not things that are loaded with fat. Things that are loaded with fat
will only make you feel drained and make you want to snack more. If you are
having problems eating three meals a day, you really need to work on your diet.
This is because you don't want to binge eat. Binge eating will only hurt you in
the long run. Don't believe me? Look at it like this. You know what will happen
if you don't eat all day long. You will get hungry and you will get the shakes.
If you start to get the shakes you will go for whatever that you can to make it
stop.Here is what I do to help me eat three meals a day.

I start off by making my lunch before I go to bed. I do this because I won't do
it when I wake up in the morning. I try my best just to get my clothes on and
get out the door in good time so I am not late for work. I also pack some snacks
for me to eat at work. I might put some veggie sticks and some fruit in little
plastic bags. I love to eat these as snacks while I am at work.
When it comes to breakfast, I try to think in advance what I want to eat. I will
have all of the things that I need on hand incase I decide that I want something
different. Will I want an omlet? I always have some cut veggies in the ice box
incase I do. That way all I have to do is throw them in the pan and cook away.
It takes the same amount of time to cook that as it would to cook anything else.
I do the same with dinner. I will try to prepare whatever I can the day before.
This way if I am too tired, all I have to do is put the stuff together. I might
also make dinner while I am making my lunch.

What do you mean make my dinner before I go to bed? Well, don't have a cow. What
I will do is prepare all of the things that I need in advance. I do this when I
am using the crock pot. I just put the stuff in the crock pot in the morning
before I go to work. I set it and then I head off to work. When I get home, I
have a hot meal waiting for me. I can time it so that almost right after I walk
in the door I have something hot to eat. Try it, you will be amazed.
Eating three meals a day isn't that hard. If you put your mind into it, you can
do it fairly easily. All you have to do is be prepared. If you feel that you
can't do it, buy one of those event planners. Make a schedule for everything
that you want to do.
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