Saturday, 12 February 2011

Low Fat Desert

No meal is over unless there is a desert involved. If you are here in America,
you know that most of the deserts out there are bad for you. They are loaded
with salt, sugar and or fat. We have become a nation of junk food addicts. I do
have a theory on this. I think that when a group of people experience wealth,
their diets change. I know that this is simple and even a moron can come up with
something like this, but hear me out. When a group of people have enough money
that they have a choice of what they will eat, they will choose to go along with
the more fatty foods. I think this is because we tend to store fat to keep us
warm for the winter.
In our minds if there is a bunch of food to choose from, then we will go towards
the fatty foods. Like most animals, we prepare for the winter time. We know that
it will be cold so we want a layer of fat to keep us warm. Another aspect of it
is, we are greedy. All people are greedy. We want the best of everything. We
want a nice new car, new house and all the rich food that we can eat. In the
past, a wealthy person ate different foods than someone who is poor.
What to do? You want that little bit of joy at the end of the meal, but you
don't want to become a lard ass. Well, you can have your cake and eat it too. We
will discuss some of the more healthy deserts that you can eat. First I want to
say, don't get fooled by this low fat stuff. It isn't worth the time. You will
eat twice as much of it to fill your cravings. It is because it is missing
something, the fat. The one thing that you are craving the most. In the end you
aren't really doing yourself any favors. You are falling in the trap that all
fat people fall into. They think since it is low fat, they can eat twice as much
of it. That maybe true, but only if you don't want to loose weight.
Fresh fruit is always a good desert. You can prepare it easily and it tastes
great. Nothing tastes better than fresh fruit that is in season. Make sure that
it is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. If it is ripe, it will be sweet and
juicy. If you eat fruit that isn't ripe it will be hard and not have all the
flavor that it can yield. You don't have to stick with the ho hum fruit salad.
You can choose a ton of different ways to eat fresh fruit. You can bake apples
for example wrapped in tin foil with a little bit of brown sugar. This is
One of my favorite things is bananas sliced in orange juice. The sweet tangy
flavor of the orange juice is really different compared to the banana. I could
eat a truck load of this stuff. It is also a great pick me up if you are feeling
sluggish. We have all seen those wand mixers advertised on television. Some
people call these boat motors. It is a hand held mixer/blender that you can use
for a lot of things. I love these things. If you have one of these, it is easy
to make a great low fat desert.
Here is a simple desert using your boat motor. Take skim milk. You need to make
sure that it is ice cold for this. Take your milk and put it in a drinking
glass. Use your boat motor to whip air into it. You will notice after awhile it
kind of looks like whipped cream. Add some bananas and strawberries and a little
pinch of sugar to make it sweet. This is very low fat and it tastes great. You
get that desire for fat taken care of that you have been craving so much. The
whipped milk really almost feels like whipped cream. You won't believe how much
it feels like the real thing.
You can also use this to add some zing to all kinds of things. You can use it to
make your low fat milkshakes. You can add your protein mix to this for a great
meal with very little fat. You will be surprised at how many things you can do
with this whipped topping. People will think that you have fallen off of your
rocker when they think you are eating a big serving of whipped cream. Before you
know it, all your buddies at the gym will want you to make them something to eat
with your boat motor. That is when you will have to tell them to get their own.
You can also eat gelatin. Make sure that you get the unflavored kind. It will
come in either envelopes or in sheets. There will be directions on the package
to tell you how to make it. You can add fruit juice or you can add fresh fruit
to your gelatin. If you have a boat motor, you can use it and add some of that
whipped topping you make from the skim milk. You will love this. You can also
eat some low fat cakes.


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